Owner and founder

Passionate watch collector and certified watchmaker Toesja is the co-owner of Amsterdam Watch Company.  She runs AWCo since 2001 and controls all finances and maintains all contacts within the watch trader network. Because of her well-kept contacts and attention to detail and large social network, she knows exactly how to lay the first hand on the most exclusive watches all around the world.

No one knows better than how to keep a collection profound. It might be the most important side to remain interesting for your customers. Therefore, she is always searching for the perfect combination of originality and rarity in watches for our collection. This makes the AWCo identity stays strong and recognizable.

To relax, she loves spending time on activities like dune walking in Schoorl or running through gorgeous nature fields with her friends and taking breathtaking pictures of the landscape, or dancing at festivals. And together with her cute son Freek, she loves cooking and gardening in spring and summer times.


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