Watch expert

Well-known for her eloquence and cheerful attitude, Sandra has been part of the AWCo team since 2013. After having been store manager in the jewelry industry for many years, she has now specialized in all kinds of premium watches; both vintage and new.

At AWCo Sandra is the one with the big smile and smooth chat. Therefore a lot of returning customers are always happy to be welcomed by her. She is always willing to go the extra mile for both customers and colleagues. And with ease, she is able to loosen everybody up and make them feel at home in no time. Because of her never-ending interest in people and their watches, she’s always digging for more information and details to get to know you, and the full story of the watch.

In her spare time, Sandra spends a lot of time with her friends, family, and  son, Boris, in Hilversum. And together with Boris, she loves to enjoy a Dutch concert. And, from time to time you can find Sandra on the back of a fast motorcycle or searching for interesting gems on flea markets.


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