Expert watch store Amsterdam Watch Company found its origins in watch repairs. Both founders Roel and Toesja have certificated watch repairers and know what to do with broken wristwatches. During the Amsterdam Watch company’s existence, many certified watch repairers have committed themselves to the AWCo. Every watch repairer has its own expertise and brand-related knowledge, ultimately enabling us to give the best service when it comes to repairing or maintaining watches.

Through these contacts we’ve started to value so much over the years, many AWCo sold watches have passed through their expert shops. Movements are entirely serviced, inspected part by part, and the broken or worn off parts are of course replaced with appropriate and original new ones. All parts will be checked, cleaned and assembled again, to come to the final stage of adjusting everything all together again and guarantee the functionality and precision once more. In this circuit of watch repairs for our store, customer’s watches can often be maintained as well.

Terms and Conditions for customer’s watch repairs.

After conversations with the customers about specific watch maintenance or repair, we’ll either send it to our own watch shop or it can be sent to the brand itself depending on the watch. New more modern watches are often sent to the brands themselves since they perform the same procedure we’d do. Most brands have a workshop in the Netherlands, here will be decided whether your watch will go to Switzerland or can be repaired locally. Out of our control but you’ll always be notified before your watch could be shipped off to Switzerland, you’ll always first need to give your compliance otherwise it’ll simply be returned unmaintained.

If the watch meets our ‘vintage’ standards it will be sent to our own watch repairers in the Netherlands. One of our certified watch experts will check the entire watch and movement once more to make an exact estimate of costs for repair or maintenance. The costs estimate will be, on average after 3 or 4 weeks after sending your watch, communicated by us, the AWCo so you can comply or turn down the offer. When not excepting the costs estimate, expert research costs will be charged when the watch is returned unmaintained.

When a watch is sent to the manufacturer itself, we’ll be acting as a ‘middleman’ and we’ll communicate you their service procedure and costs. When it concerns warranty of brands of which we’re no authorized dealer, we’re forced to charge portal costs of €75,- when you do not accept the brand’s cost estimate. When accepting the cost estimate and performing maintenance at the brand, the postal costs won’t be required and will be waved.