The vintage Rolex Datejust buyer’s & collector’s guide

Written by our very own Thomas van Straaten, this book covers the history of the Rolex Datejust between its introduction in 1945 and 1990.

The book kicks off with some historical context on the broader watch world, and Rolex specifically, before the introduction of the Datejust. Next, all Datejust generations (Lady, Midsize & Full size) until 1990 are covered in great detail. Innovations and variations along the way are explored and described.

The book includes a breakdown of the relevant parts that make a Datejust, from calibers to dials and from bracelets to boxes and papers, with a wide range of variations you may come across in the wild. Where possible, these have been linked to their correct generations and periods, to help assess the correctness of a given watch.

Other tools for assessing prospective vintage Datejusts are also provided. Tips on how to spot dial swaps, refinished and fake dials, bracelet swaps, etc.

Beautiful photography, partly provided by a selection of vintage dealers and collectors around the world, is combined with analytical microscope-imagery, for closer inspection of specific features. The end result is a book that will help you on your journey towards purchasing your first (or your twentieth for that matter) vintage Datejust. A must-read if you want to make an informed and secure purchase.

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  • 216 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • First published: 2022

€ 99

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