Rolex Cellini Ref. 5071 Obsidian Rare stone dial

A very rare and unusual Rolex has flown in. Never before have we had such a reference at Amsterdam Watch Company with this exceptional collectible stone dial. This men’s model wouldn’t look out of place on a woman’s wrist these days. A true unisex model now.

The 18 kt gold case with a mechanical hand-wound movement has a lug width of 20 mm and flows perfectly into the case shape. The previous owner has always maintained the watch well at the local Rolex dealer and has 2 valuation reports. Herein the dial is referred to as a tiger eye. but is this the case?

With all due respect for the knowledge of our colleagues, unfortunately, we must conclude this is really a different type of stone. It concerns the rare Obsidian.
Obsidian is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth. Rarely used as a watch dial and very infrequently used by Rolex in their watches. Only a couple are known in the field.

Perhaps not the most commercial Rolex model, but truly a great opportunity for any self-respecting Rolex collector. We will not be surprised that this is the last time that we can obtain such a model. so make your move!

With box and service certificate 2019

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Ref. 5071

Year of production (circa)




Dial color



28 mm

Lug Width

22 mm